Drupal 7 installation - Default Modules (Disabled)

In the previous blog post I was looking into default modules installed after standard Drupal 7 installation. In that article I've listed modules which are enabled but default.

In this blog post I'm going to provide list of modules which are coming with default Drupal 7 installation but are disabled by default.

After D7 installation 15 modules were disabled by default. Here is the list of them:

Aggregator 7.0 - Aggregates syndicated content (RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds)
Blog - Enables multi-user blogs
Book - Allows users to create and organize related content in an outline
Contact - Enables the use of both personal and site-wide contact forms
Content translation - Allows content to be translated into different languages
Forum - Provides discussion forums
Locale - Adds language handling functionality and enables the translation of the user interface to languages
OpenID - Allows users to log into your site using OpenID
PHP filter - Allows embedded PHP code/snippets to be evaluated
Poll - Allows your site to capture votes on different topics in the form of multiple choice questions
Statistics - Logs access statistics for your site
Syslog - Logs and records system events to syslog
Testing 7.0 Provides a framework for unit and functional testing.
Tracker - Enables tracking of recent content for users
Trigger - Enables actions to be fired on certain system events, such as when new content is created

Until now I kept default enabled/disabled status intact, except I've enabled Blog module that I can write this blog post.