How long does it take to get indexed by search engines?

This is short blog post about my experience with getting site indexed by search engines. I have purchased domain name couple of months ago. Domain was parked with registrar for some time. As a parked domain those are usually not indexed by search engines because there is not real content for the page, just some advertisement links.

As a "New Year Resolution" for 2011 I have decided to finally develop my personal brand website. I have published basic Drupal 7 site on January 11th, 2011 - see my first blog post.

After more then two week after is still not indexed by Google, but is indexed by Bing and Yahoo. I have not submitted my URL to any search engines at all, but there are some incoming links to this domain out there already.

I thing Yahoo and Bing are using same search engine backend these days so their results are very similar (same). I have noticed Yahoo results start displaying only today, it was not there 3-4 days ago. So it took little bit more then two weeks to get indexed by Yahoo/Bing. We'll see how long it will take for Google. I'll keep you posted.

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Update about Google. I have not submitted my URL into Google (but I was really thinking about that). I do not have Google analytic installed and do not use Google webmaster tools for this site as this time.

But my site has been indexed by Google yesterday. So it took about 19 days.

Note: There are links out there to this site already and parking page was up for some time.