First Blog Post

Welcome to This is my first testing blog post. I was thinking to set up my personal site for couple of years now. It looks like 2011 is the right year to do so. And today is 2011/01/11 or 01/11/11, depends on what kind of date format you would like to use. Just in case you do not know much about me I would like to inform you that English is my second language so some of my writing can be little bit off.

I'm a web developer currently located in beautiful Calgary, Alberta. Today is a nice weather out there ... beautiful sunny and -20C.

There are two ideas behind this online blog:
1. To share information about articles I've found interesting
2. To share information about technology and issues I come across in my professional life. I hope some of those articles might help others if they run into the same issues as I did.

This website about Marek Pisch is currently using newly released Drupal 7 CMS (Content Management System).