Europe Trip 2011

I have been away for most of the May 2011 so I was not able to write much. I was traveling in Europe for more than three weeks and I really enjoyed my time off.

Now it is time to get back to work. And I believe I will be posting some new blog posts about Drupal 7 soon. We are currently working on Drupal 7 website development for one of our clients.

At this time I'm not sure that D7 was the best option for the project, because now I'm using a lot of contributed modules which are in alpha/beta state. Most modules I'm using for Drupal 7 are not completely ready, but I hope that alpha/beta modules will be available soon and there are not too many major issues with them.

What I've noticed while traveling Central and Eastern Europe is that iPhone is not as common as here in North America. A lot of people I met are using Android based smart phones manufactured by HTC. I think that reason for this is device price as well as applications. It seems that it is easier to build and deploy application for Android phones than iPhones. Localization (language) of applications might be issue for the iPhone as well.